Magnetizable Asphalt (MA): Magment expands portfolio of patented magnetizable road construction materials for dynamic wireless charging through partnership

Magment GmbH proudly entered with Heritage Environmental Technologies LLC into a joint development agreement to explore new technology for dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles.

The Heritage Group is a major asphalt producer in the U.S. with 65 years of experience in road construction projects and is an investor in Magment since 2019.

Magnetizable asphalts will enable high-efficient and cost-effective construction of electrified roads that will supply energy to vehicles of the future. Current available technologies use copper coils with or without magnetic ground pads such as Magment’s patented magnetizable road construction materials.

Made of recycled magnetic materials, increasing wireless power transfer efficiency, magnetizable asphalt will play a crucial role in global circular economy as sustainable solution in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to our deep understanding on magnetic materials, composites, and applications with magnetizable concrete, this cutting-edge technology will be market-ready in 2023.  

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