Magment offers innovative magnetizable concrete and asphalt products consisting of cement or bitumen and recycled magnetic materials called ferrites as aggregates.


Specialized cement manufacturers, trained industrial flooring providers or concrete pre-casters can produce our products. The proprietary blend of concrete and magnetic particles is easy to integrate into existing construction processes.

Recycled Materials

Ferrite particles sourced from
e-waste recyclers


Coil assembly integrated with

Design Flexibility

Design freedom to mold into
complex shapes


Magnetizable concrete can replace brittle and expensive sintered ferrite tiles. Finished coil assemblies can withstand high mechanical loads and magnetic properties meet or exceed comparable designs with ferrite tiles.

Global availability

Local manufacturing speeds integration and simplifies logistics

Cost effectiveness

Recycled ferrite is a fraction of the cost of sintered ferrite tiles.


Pre-cast concrete modules have high mechanical strength and are easily scaled to meet system needs.

Technical Data Sheets

Magnetizable Concrete MC120

Magnetizable Asphalt MA80


Continuous research is ongoing to improve magnetics performance and facilitate mass production.


Partnerships with worldwide cement companies and industrial
flooring experts


Detailed design, simulation and prototyping process to rapidly create alternatives to traditional designs


Installations and trials with major industrial vehicle manufacturers to develop stationary and dynamic charging designs