Magment is proud to be part of “Electric highways” project with our partners from Ferrovial, Madrid Calle 30, S.A., Deloitte, StreetScooter GmbH

“‘Electric highways’ opens up new business opportunity for electric vehicle charging by designing the highways of the future’.

Today there are three factors that slow down the sale of electric vehicles:
·       High recharging times.
·       The so-called ‘Range Anxiety’, fear of running out of battery.
·       The price of electric vehicles.
The ‘eRoad’ solution has a positive impact on the first two factors, allowing to extend the battery autonomy by recharging while we are driving and leaving the longer charges for our final destination.
In the future, it would make it possible to reduce the size of the batteries, which would have a positive impact on the third factor, since the battery is one of the components that most affects the price of electric vehicles.
The project consists in providing an inductive charging service for electric vehicles in motion based on a magnetized road pavement.
The project will allow electric vehicles to charge at different powers, adapting to the requirements of each vehicle as well as verifying the battery discharge to the infrastructure, known as Vehicle to Grid. This service will be supported by a secure system, based on a blockchain platform, that allows to manage the recharging and discharging service of the vehicles autonomously and monetize such recharging service.
The dynamic inductive charging system aims to contribute to the expansion of the use of electric vehicles in Spain and the consequent reduction in environmental impact.
Recently we have submitted to the European LIFE program seeking funding for implementation in Madrid’s M30, the project “eRoad-LIFE: Magnetized roads for inductive charging and sustainable infrastructure electrification”.
Now we just have to cross our fingers and hope to get funding to  make our dream come true.” said Marcos Salazar, project manager at Ferrovial.

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