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Magment expands to USA

We are proud to announce that Magment GmbH has become a part of Indiana IoT Lab in Fishers. The expanding in USA is our primary goal and USA market is our top priority. Our engineering team together with our partners have been working on IoT integration in our rising-star micromobility products MagDock™ and MagScoot™ in order to provide our customers top-level automated service called “charging as a service”.

In order to cover global market and to serve market-leader customers we decided to move our IoT development and expand our IoT team in Indiana IoT lab.

As Indiana IoT officially announced on its twitter account, we are there to start building the future of micromobility. The future is hands-free wireless charging and Magment is global leader and pioneer in that field.

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About Magment Concrete Wireless Power

Magment combines magnetic material development with electronic devices, making power conversion and wireless charging more efficient, reliable and economical. Magment is disrupting shared electric scooter, logistic vehicles (forklifts and industrials robots) and electric cars charging.

Electric scooters are charged on site cutting transportation and other charging costs that are not allowing sharing providers to enter into profitability.

Forklifts and industrial robots are charged while operating increasing machine productivity and eliminating human power needed to plug-in and plug-out in order to create fully automated and autonomous logistic systems environment.

Electric cars fleets (e.g. E-Taxis) charged in waiting line eliminating largest barrier – charging break which reduces battery size and incredibly increases vehicle efficiency.

Magment plans to use same products to enter into next booming business sectors which desperately need hands-free charging: delivery robots, automated parking systems and autonomous cars and shuttles.

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