magnetic wireless charging

Magment announces Membership of ASPIRE Research Center

We are happy and pleased to announce that we are now a committed member of ASPIRE, one of four new Engineering Research Centers announced by the National Science Foundation on Aug 4, 2020. The National Science Foundation has awarded Utah State University a five-year, $26 million grant, renewable to 10-year, $50.6 million, to develop an international research center dedicated to advancing sustainable, electrified transportation. The center is expected to raise more than $200 million over the next decade in government and industry support.

ASPIRE answers: why develop wireless charging and smart powered roads?

These concepts represent a new way of thinking about a vehicle’s energy needs. When electric vehicles charge wirelessly on smart powered roads or powered parking stalls, they are connected to the electric grid more continuously. This is good for three reasons: First, electric cars can use smaller, inexpensive batteries that last the life of the vehicle. Second, it alleviates problems associated with peak electricity demand at charging stations. Third, it means drivers can skip the charging station. Smart powered roads unleash the benefits of continuous connectivity: low-cost vehicles and electricity, high productivity, and support of a modernized electric grid.

Magment shares in ASPIRE’s Mission to improve health and quality of life for everyone by catalyzing sustainable and equitable electrification across the transportation industries.  We are also dedicated to ASPIRE’s Vision: widespread electrification of all vehicle classes, improved air quality, and public infrastructure that provides an inexpensive, seamless charging experience.

This Vision can become reality with Magment’s wireless transfer pads, made of proprietary magnetizable concrete and winding technology, that solve the most challenging problems for implementation of dynamic charging systems: scalability, robustness and unit economics. Magment’s Magnetizable concrete is made of recycled electronic waste or/and factory scraps bringing us closer to a circular economy as one of the pillars of ASPIRE’s strategy.

About Magment

Magment was founded in 2015 with the purpose of developing applications for its patented magnetic concrete, an ideal material for electromagnetic solutions such as stationary and dynamic wireless charging for industrial electric vehicles and robots, fleet vehicles and scooters. A number of pilot and demonstration projects are underway in Germany, France, and USA, in close collaboration with industry partners. This exciting endeavor is distinguished by extensive experience and know-how of Magment’s team in the field of magnetic materials, energy storage/conversion, e-Mobility and their applications.