scooter charging stations

MagDock ready for delivery to customers

We are proud to announce final launch of MagDock. MagDock, intelligent micromobility docking and wireless charging station, works perfect in both indoor and outdoor environment. The first series is about to be delivered to our lighthouse projects in Munich (Germany), Paris (France), Purdue University (IN, USA), Tel Aviv (Israel),  and Thessaloniki (Greece).

Scooter Charging Stations

MagDock unrivaled USPs:

  • Transmitter design: based on patented MAGMENT magnetic concrete and coil technology
  • Lateral alignment tolerance: half width
  • Fast charging: up to 1,5 hours (depends on e-scooter model).
  • Initial production capacity:  500 units per month, worldwide delivery
  • Vandalism and all-weather proof: all parts are sealed within a robust concrete housing
  • Standby power consumption:  in compliance with ecodesign requirements.
  • Smart: optional IoT integrated system to assess parking and charging times
  • Universal:  interoperable with any e-scooter form factor with available wireless upgrade kits.
  • Multifunctional: interoperable with other micromobility devices such as e-moped, e-bikes, cargo bikes, tricycles as well as delivery or disinfection robots.
  • EZ installation: plug & play

scooter charging stations

We need to underline that MagDock is wireless/hands free charger which is incredibly important in this pandemic time. It reduces contacts of e-scooter hunters, juicers and charging workers, reduces carbon footprint and drive down operation costs of sharing providers.

MagDock enables the creation of e-scooter drop zones with a flexible amount of charging points. It can be easily installed next to street lamps, ticket machines, electronic advertisement boxes, etc.  Target is to reduce the costs of charging operations and repair/maintenance for sharing scooter providers as well as to support a 24/7 last mile transport method that is used sense fully and accepted by citizens. MagDock front docking system with large alignment tolerance simplifies product functionality in real life use and makes it unique, useful and hands-free charger for sharing micromobility vehicles.