Dynamic Wireless Charging

Wireless charging infrastructure has arrived.


Magnetizable Asphalt (MA): Magment expands portfolio of patented magnetizable road construction materials for dynamic wireless charging through partnership

Magment GmbH proudly entered with Heritage Environmental Technologies LLC into a joint development agreement to explore new technology for dynamic wireless charging of electric …

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German Public TV MDR Fernsehen in Show Einfach Genial (Eng. Simply Genial) about Magment Technology

Electricity from the road surface for e-cars MDR-Fernsehen, Einfach genial Tue 09/20/2022 19:50 05:11 min A German start-up Magment GmbH has developed a concrete …

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AGGREGATES BUSINESS: Holcim and Magment partner on concrete EV charging solutions

Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / August 3, 2022 By Liam McLoughlin Holcim has made a financial investment in German-based magnetisable concrete startup Magment, …

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